Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remembering our 4th ;o)

I don't want to forget what we did this year.....

We started our festivities on Thursday Evening at the Singing Flag. Chow-ing down on Burger King for the kiddos, KFC for the adults and plenty of cupcakes for dessert. This was the first year Sweet Pea wasn't scared of the Boom. We went with friends who had never been. Her Hubby didn't want to admit it but he had a good time. The kids got their faces painted and had balloon dogs made, which promptly got popped of course. But I think the highlight of the entire evening was as were leaving my Mom put my Niece in the wrong car. We have a NEW Honda Pilot and my mom stopped at a car a few ahead of ours and proceeded to open the door and put my niece in the car seat. We all had a good laugh but poor mom was really embarrassed.

Then on 4th of July we visited our local annual parade. My brother joined us with his daughter. We watched a million cars, and horses pass before us, while we ate yummy Kettle Korn. Daddy didn't drive in the parade this year he just patrolled the area, but it was nice because he got to come hang out with us for a change. After the parade we headed to my mom's house for a bit of pool time and BBQ. It was fun to watch the kids play and get all muddy, my son's favorite part.

We watched Fireworks with some friends.. a quick in and out. It was nice to not deal with all the crowds and be home some what early. The fireworks were great and again Sweet Pea enjoyed them from the comfort of my lap. Once we got home Little Buddy and I played with a few sparklers. The Man down our street usually set off a ton of fireworks, this year he was pretty quiet. When Daddy got home we lit our 6 ground flowers and called it a night. It was cute to watch the boys light fireworks, that is one of my favorite 4th of July memories as a kid. Playing with the sparklers, and watching Dad make the big ones go off. he would prep all day for the evenings festivities.

Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th, we did!!!!

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