Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello July!!!!

July sort of snuck up on us!!! Let's see what have we done in the past few weeks....

* We went on an AWESOME camping trip to Burney Falls. We met my Aunt, Uncle, 3 Cousins and their families. Even though it was super hot we made the best of it and enjoyed the whole trip. Fishing, hiking, and lots of swimming!!! I hope we make this a tradition because it was a wonderful trip. The falls were gorgeous and chilly. We also did our first geocaching, and we can't wait to discover some new treasures on future adventures.

* Last night we visited the Singing Flag. The kids had a blast, got their faces painted, and watched fireworks directly above head.

* We also started our traditional treks to Contra Loma for swimming. Today was perfect not to hot, not to cold, but very crowded.

* I took the kids to the San Jose Tech Museum last week and loved it. Little Buddy loved so much of it. He would walk up to a display actually be able to read it and begin to figure out what to do. Poor Missy was a bit lost, it was loud and a bit above her. I think she had fun but didn't understand much of what she was doing. We also got to watch an IMax movie.

* I'm loving out summer adventures, heading to the park, heading to the pool, and finding new things to discover. Next week we hit a new museum in Lodi. We get ready for Missy's 5th Birthday, and the kids and I organized a little community outreach project for ECMC supporting Sprouts "The Great Tuck-In". Then we top the week of by Camping at Crater Lake .... We hope you're all having a great Summer thus far!!!!

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