Friday, December 5, 2008

December third & fourth (a tad late)

Wed. wasn't so crazy can't think why I forgot to post...hummm

* We headed out nice and quick this moring....
* Little buddy was getting an award for PE my mom & Jim joined us as we watching him beam with excitement.
* We then Ran Sweet Pea to school, then hubby had to head to work. I'm very happy he could make the awards assembly.
* While the kids were at school I frantically wrapped ...hoping if the gifts are wrapped they will be less likely to find them...
* After we got Andrew we came home and vegged out....relaxing was sweet.
* After dinner and home work we enjoyed "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (Jimm Carrey) Version....

Yesterday was a fun filled day...lots of playing and connecting!!!

* It started with Sweet Pea and I working in Little Buddies classroom...We are making a top secret project for the parents christmas gifts. That I'm helping with...I'm very excited about it. I spent the entire time photographing the kids...I loved playing with my new lense...loved it.
* Then we headed out to Mc Donald's for a new member and was very interested in her story. they adopted their son after years of trying. It was a really beautiful story. It was also nice to listen to someone appreciate the club so much. She found what she needed with ECMC and has used us to the full effect...exactly what we are here
* Then we ran to Walmart...trying to get in & out quick...didn't happen and they were out of so much of what I wanted UGH
* Off to Diane's house to play before we picked up our big boys.
* Back to school...and dealt with a lost jacket, which ended-up being lost in his back-pack heeheehee
* Once home we did our homework, ate a quick dinner, played with trains
* Then we ran to the rec. center to practice for Saturdays parade...very excited. We have watched it the last 2 years so I'm excited that we get to walk in it this year.
* Then the kids and I drove around checking out christmas lights....they LOVE to do this and I must remember to do it more often. Something so simple makes them so excited.

Well off to start today maybe I can sneak a 2nd post in.....I'm motivated this month!!!

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