Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Second

* Headed to school...so early we had to sit and wait
* Went down to the county clerks office to get Sweet Pea's birth certificate (She wants to play t-ball)
* Tried to walk around downtown, but everything was closed...today is tuesday so I'm not sure why...we did get to see the train go by 2x so that was worth it.
* Ran to Joann's on a mission to get a felt stocking kit ...NO luck (we found one later on line thank goodness)
* Came home and got crafty with Sweet Pea....she painted an ornament & I made a ton of repurposed target bags
* Picked up big brother from school
* We finally finished our tree!!!!
* We set up or advent calendar tree....for each day till Christmas the kids will put an ornament on a tiny tree...super cute, I can't remember where I got the idea...it sure wasn't my own.
* Made Chili...the best yet.
* Snuggled next to a fire & watched Amazing Race, Little People Big World, and Jon & Kate plus 8

Tomorrow is a new day...I love the holidays

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