Friday, December 5, 2008

December Fifth

Yeah 2 posts in one day I did it ;o)

* This morning I working in the class again...we made candy canes and took more photos. Everyone kept saying I should open a business...maybe one day!!! I would love that!!.
* When I was done in class I ran to Bed Bath & Beyond....shopped and got GREAT deals. I love their coupons!!!
* Then I ran to Pier 1 and got more great deals.
* After picking up Sweet Pea we came home and got crafty, cleaned, photo edited, and shutterflyed everything.
* We are having Tortilla Soup for dinner, enjoying a fire & catching up on our Christmas recordings.

Here is to a great night and weekend ahead of us...full of holiday spirit.

Why doesn't this happen all year long...this feeling hummmm I need to think about that can I live a more appreciative life, thankful life, and happier life on a regular basis. Cuz lord knows I got it good!!!! Thanks babe I love you!!!

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