Monday, December 1, 2008

December First

TIme for the Holidays to float in and create new breath!!! I love December and vow to myself and my family to document daily what we do. Welcome December...
* Started with a chilly foggy walk this am
* Dropped Missy off at school
* Ran home to shower & get all my returns from black friday.
* We hit Starbucks, the ATM, Rite Aid, & a girlfriends house (me and another friend are surprising a special someone with 12 days to Christmas ...her family is not coming around this holiday and it is going to be kinda tough)
* Picked Missy up and headed to lunch at Rick's on Second...yum yum
* Off to return & shop some more Old Navy, Kohls, & Michaels
* picked up Little Buddy from school
* Ran to the grocery we can make chili
* Started homework and settled in to a cozy night at home with Shrek the Halls tonight & a lovely fire

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