Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I know it is wed. but I'm getting a 10 in this week if it kills me ;o)

1. Missy and I shared a wonderful afternoon on Sunday shopping and doing girly things. I was so proud walking round holding my little girls hand. She was tickled with her purchase from build a bear store. She carried her bag so proud, purchasing an adorable lady bug out fit for her bear, and harry potter glasses for her brother. I told her they had to come out of her piggy bank, she didn't care. I won't tell her I never took the money out.

2. Hubby and I got the official OK to plan our once in a life time Hawaii trip. I'm soo not going to get my hopes up just yet.... but we are so close to actually putting money on this one. It will be hard to leave the kids but they will be just fine. Now to find a spot for the dog...

3. 5 days and I will be in LA!!!! OMG I can't believe I'm going to see Ellen, AND Disneyland without my kiddos in tow. It will be an adventure for sure.

4. Bummbed that I'm going to miss my son's "teaching" presentation next week..... He is going to teach the class how to Geocaching.... He is so excited. I can't wait to see the video. We picked up little compasses for each kid.

5. The kids are ready to play ball... All signed-up for Baseball/T-ball. I hope we get the coaches we want and can keep our buddies.

6. Tomorrow is the 100th Day of School. It will be an adventure to count everything with all the kids. I'm excited to see all their projects. Missy did a heart with 100 pompoms on it. It turned out pretty cute... and it was her idea.

7. A friend and I made 65 Gingerbread houses out of graham crackers for the 3 kinder classes. I don't get why it is that other parents never step in to help. So many parents think things just happen, or expect the teachers to do ALL the work. What ever happened to the whole process of a community raising children....

8. I can't stand the feeling I get every time I hear the Air Raid Siren go off on the first Wed. of every month at 11.... It is such an yucky feeling. A quick reminder of the past and what could come.

9. Sad that our Tahoe trip go cancelled for us.... it is understandable but still not happy about it. So we just need to come up with another adventure in its place. The kids didn't get to play in the snow last year.... so I want to make sure they can this year.

10. Feeling very lucky to have good friends around me willing to help when needed. Lucky to have my children learning the difference between good friends and bad friends. Happy they are making good choices. Missy has chosen some great little girls to be friends with. Buddy is getting there... he likes to get into mischief but he is learning from his mistakes. He has a great little friend who he can share many of his adventures with.

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