Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Ten is only Seven this week...

1. Spent the weekend buying our first BIG screen T.V. the first in about 15 years!!! Cable guy comes next weekend to install all the bells and whistles. So fun!!!

2. Had an amazing trip in LA with friends!!! Disneyland with no kids was awesome. No little mouths to feed, to listen to arguing, & no crying!!! Lines were great... we rode everything a bunch of times. Watching Ellen was sooo fun but exhausting. We jumped and screamed more than I have in years. She had Demi Morre & Michael Buble on the show. We came home with Demi's perfume Wanted & Michael's new CD Crazy Love When we watched the show on Wed. we saw ourselves for about 10 seconds. It wasn't about the air time but rather the whole experience. It was a once in a life time little adventure with my girl friends.

3. My Daughter is obsessed with tea parties!!! We have at least 2 a day.... moving up slowly to real food and water. She is getting to old to pretend she informed us the other day.

4. Buddy had his Blue and Gold ceremony with Cub Scouts. He received his bobcat badge and a new slide for his tie. He was very proud of himself. He is becoming such a grown-up little boy. Making good choices and understanding why we do things. Some of his friends played with legos while other people where getting their awards... We asked him to not play, at first he was mad at us... but soon realized that it wasn't polite to play while the other's got their awards. He is growing up so fast.

5. T-Ball & Baseball practice started last week. Both kids are doing so well, this season is going to be so good. Our two are enjoying it, working hard, and excited to participate. I'm so happy they have found something they both enjoy. They practice together and cheer each other on.

6. Planning Buddies 8th Birthday. The last two years he just wanted a pizza party. This time we are heading to the movies to see "How to train your Dragon" in 3D. Found party supplies on-line, Bought each child the book as their party favor, and I'm going to make the invitations look like small movie reels. So fun to plan a Birthday around a theme he loves.

7. I can't seem to get enough of lady gaga & p!nk lately ;o) They get me moving and I can actually accomplish something. I love music that makes you move!!!!

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