Saturday, August 1, 2009

I have decided I don't do it "ALL" and neither does anyone else...

There are so many things I would like to say I do but I don't... so many things that I do that I wish I didn't... and still so many things yet to be done. So what do you do??

So many things I would like to say I do but I don't
- I don't always get the wash put away instantly
- I don't keep a perfectly clean house ( I wish tho)
- I don't play enough with my kids.
- We don't live as "green" a life as we should be.

So many things I do that I wish I didn't....
- Laundry & toilets!! While I'm grateful and happy to have both I HATE taking care of them...
- I wish I didn't yell at my kiddos so much
- Engage in conversations I would rather not...
- Doing the things others want me to... or things I think, others want me to do.

My list of things to do is huge... but for now
- Finish enjoying this summer, school will be here in 3 weeks...
- I want to be a better photographer so very very badly... while I have the eye I can't seem to hold onto the details and the skill it just won't sink in to my little brain. And it is getting really frustrating.
- I want to start my Christmas projects so I can be done for sure by Christmas!!!

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