Sunday, August 9, 2009

36 and counting...

So I'm officially 36 now ;o) My Birthday came last Friday with a day long celebration in the city. It was nice!!! My friends showered me with lovely gifts in the early morning, gift cards a book and some love!! Then we hit the city running,
* We made a potty break at the Maritime Museum and got our first bay area stamp in our passports...
* We rode the Cable Cars all over town
* Hit the Cable Car Museum... and did a Geo Cache while there.
* Hung out at the Fairmont Hotel... I was very sad to learn they closed the best elivator ever!! You could ride up and get a great view of the city... but no more.
* Then we hopped back on the now hot Cable Cars heading back to the wharf.
* After yummy Ice Cream in Ghirardelli Square we headed to...
* the SF Fire Museum, where the kids rang bells and whistles.
* Then we hit the Persido for more passport stamps and a Geo Cache.
* Off to Fort Point only to discover they closed at 5 ;o( but they let us stamp our passports quickly
* Back to Fisherman's Wharf for a yummy dinner at "Wipe Out"

It was a great family day doing all kinds of little things I have wanted to do here and there.... we will head back to Fort Point though the kids are gonna love it.

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