Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ;o)

1. I'm addicted to Country Time Pink Lemonade for the summer...

2. Enjoyed visiting Chabot Space Center with hubby & the kids today.

3. Baked 3 loafs of Banana bread in one week....

4. Went to the Marin Headlands and cruised all over, making some new discoveries with the family.

5. This coming weekend we have a busy Saturday
- Dance class
- Birthday Party #1
- Birthday Party #2
- Missy's Dance Recital @ 2:30

6. Sold some of the kids toys and am feeling good about it. Now to finish listing all the clothes on Ebay.

7. Almost am finished with all the uniform shopping... having a tough time finding tiny clothes for Missy tho. Big brother is done, he was able to wear most of last years stuff. New shoes, new lunchbox, and a few pants.

8. One Carmel Visit, a Camping trip, and A visit to Chico will conclude our summer adventures.

9. We started soccer yesterday and Missy LOVED it. Daddy will be an assistant coach again this year. Their uniforms are bright yellow so we are "the Stingers" perfect name for a bunch of tiny bees running around a field in bunch ball rather than soccer. A good friend of ours is the coach and all but one member of our team is a close friend. It will be a cute fun season.

10. I can't seem to adjust to the fact that my little girl will be in Kindergarten in exactly 4 weeks. I'm sure I will be blogging about that in the near future!!!

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