Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 - Word

It is that time of year again to choose a word for inspiration, goal setting, and simple living. This years word isn't to far different then previous ones.
2007 Was "Embrace" I wanted to live life in the here and now ;o)
2008 Was "Accountable" I wanted to feel more responsible for me and who, what I was to those around me.
2009 Was "Progress" I wanted to keep moving forward and learn to deal with Change more positively. Show my children that change was a natural progression of life and moving with it was far better than working against it. I think I did pretty good at accomplishing that goal. I was lucky that we didn't have really any life changing experiences except for the start of Kindergarden for Missy. I'm really mad at my self for falling of the blog-wagon and failing to post since last August. Well back to my words...

This year I have chosen "Healthy"... It isn't just for me but my whole family. We need to be healthy, active and connect family. I think working on being healthy isn't just about food, and exercise, but relationships too.

I want a healthy relationship among my family.
I want to eat healthy foods.
I want to exercise, making our bodies healthy.
I want to have routine, creating a healthy household.
I want to be mentally, and intellectually healthy.

I'm excited for 2010 to begin, a new decade... one that will define our children. This will be the decade they associate with. They will be called Children of the 2010s... like I was a child of the 80's It will be a good year I can feel it!!!

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