Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Again & I'm ready with my Ten!!!!

1. I'm thrilled to say we are finally throw-up free. We have a bit of straggling runs but otherwise doing good.

2. Missy got a nasty bladder infection Sunday.... so she is on heavy duty meds.

3. We went to the drive-ins this past weekend much to my dismay and actually had a GREAT time. Although the car died on the freeway on ramp... which left us there till about 2 am. Thanks to our good friends for pulling over and waiting with us we got home safely.

4. Took the kids to story time this morning at the library for an enjoyable book reading morning. Buddy checked out some Thomas books and read like crazy!!!

5. We have been to the park 2x so far this week and it has proved to be a great way to start our summer days.

6. We are slowly getting summer goodies crossed off our "Summer 100" list.

7. Father's Day is this coming weekend so we plan to get crafty this Friday!!

8. Our Anniversary is tomorrow we are celebrating 9 years together with dinner and then "wicked"!!!

9. I still don't have a house sitter for next weekend and I'm starting to stress about it.

10. Mexican lasagna for dinner sounds perfect!!!

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