Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Ten on Tuesday

WOW It has been a yucky week.... and awhile since I posted... two weeks to be exact.

1. We had the WORST stomach flu this past weekend. We thought we were about to die. Luckily Little Miss didn't get it. Buddy brought it home on Thursday night and recover wasn't complete until Sunday Night. We missed Buddy's Peanut Game, Mom's Wiitirement Party, And Buddy's Team party.

2. We are deep into the last week of school for both kids. Pre-school graduation is on Friday and the 2nd graders "fun in the sun" day is tomorrow. This year flew by sooo very fast.

3. I have tried my best to enjoy the last 2 weeks with Missy. Today we did breakfast and the park, last week we ran to visit studio grow. We ahve been getting crafty and creative together, playing games, and having tea parties. This will change shortly.

4. We booked our daughters 5th birthday party at a local gymnastics place. It will be perfect to beat the heat, beat the clean-up, and the stress. She wants the theme to be littlest pet shop... so that will be a fun adventure.

5. Finally we set up our camping... 3 trips this summer, I'm so excited. & I'm working on a 4th for the beginning of September.

6. I joined my mother's knitting group. I wasn't sure if it was something I was totally comfortable with, but then a friend wanted to join so we go together. The ladies are great and I have learned some cool things, as well as made the cutest little sweater dress for Sweet Pea.

7. I'm still addicted to Heroes.. watching it on demand from Netfilx

8. I'm pretty proud of our boy for getting the "magnificent mathematician" award. He was so stressed. He was going to get perfect attendance but missed school friday because of the stomach flu.

9. I'm making a frittata tonight and really hoping it is good.

10. We are going to the drive- in this weekend and I'm very nervous about it... so not the best part of town to have a birthday party!!!!

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