Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ;o)

Had a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!
- We went to Kid Fest on Saturday
- Went to a great BBQ at Friend's house, enjoyed good food, good friends and fun!!
- Hit the Delta on Papa's Boat... fishing, eating, and catching up...

1. Thankful for full-belly laughs when something isn't even that funny....
2. I'm so happy that we have 3 weeks left of school... mixed emotions all around.
3. I made the BEST loaf of Banana bread to date.... it went before I could take a photo.
4. Love my 365 project
5. Hate Laundry but thankful to have clothes to wash
6. Feel bad for hubby... he fixed our leaking faucet only to have the sink break UGH!!!! and of course nothing is standard sizes.
7. I have to start planning our little ones 5th birthday... scary thought.
8. I need to plan this weeks meals.... I wish I would do that on a regular basis!!!
9. We need to purge more... a pick-up is coming on Friday to collect.
10. We need to make a final decision about the fences.

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