Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Traditions...

Some of our family traditions....

* On our Anniversary we return to where we got married, have a picnic and photograph us in the same spot.

* Every year on the kids birthdays I write them a letter... while this isn't a family tradition it is mine... and they will share in this when they are old enough to read and enjoy those letters.

* Christmas morning and the 1st day of school the kids get ebelskivers

* Every Christmas eve the kids get new pj's, new books, and sometimes a new ornament (half the time I can't wait till Christmas tho).

* We do the usual trip to the pumpkin patch, and color eggs at Easter, cook turkey on Thanksgiving... those aren't all that original.

* Watching AFV regularly on Sunday nights is one of my FAVORITE times of the week.

There are just a few.... I want to remember.

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