Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ;o)

1. I'm enjoying HSM3, it has been on ALL day long!! We have been singing, dancing around and being a couple of crazy ladies.

2. Another new recipe hopefully this is a keeper...lemon cilantro chicken soup.

3. I'm addicted to Facebook..UGH!!!

4. The kids are hooked on puzzles today...4 and counting.

5. T-Ball & Peanut League started this past Saturday and we are sooo excited. All of us actually!!! We have 3 great coaches, we are on teams with friends, and the kids are so stinking cute. Much better feeling than soccer last August.

6. I need to book camping for this summer...

7. I can't shake my cold.....and Missy has one now...not sure if she is going to school tomorrow....

8. The dog needs to go to the groomers so very smelly bad....

9. Little Buddy has become a GREAT reader in a short amount of time!!! AND he is going to be 7 in 2 weeks....7!!!!!!

10. Kindergarten Registration is in 2 weeks too...I pick-up the packet on Monday....


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