Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday even though it is Wednesday...

1. Went to the ER on Monday via an Ambulance....that is for another day of blogging...

2. My son was unloading the dishwasher and said that the knives must be called "hiker guys" I asked why and he said because he is carrying a walking stick. We have Henkel knives.

3. His Ben 10 Band it almost complete...4 guys down and 6 ta go.

4. Report cards came out and my kid is above average on a bunch of things....I'm so proud.

5. We haven't been to ball practice....because of the rain....which is alright with me I LOVE the rain.

6. Missy has her recital on Saturday...the last one for awhile.

7. I'm super lucky to have good friends that help in times of crisis.

8. I picked up Kindergarten Registration one week I register her.

9. I'm not doing great with my 365 project....the pictures are lacking and even forgotten.

10. Hubby will be home soon...good cuz I miss him terrible!!!!

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