Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marshmallows, Marriage, Surgery & the Dentist....

WOW isn't that a title or what!!!!

So many little things can happen in a simple week!!!
* Hubby headed to the ER again this past week for Kidney Stones ... long story short had surgery Tuesday and they are gone. Short and Sweet!!! Done Yippy!!!
* Both kids went on a quick dental adventures, both came back shinny and clean...again short and sweet NO Cavities!!!!
* Today I made 3 batches of Valentines Rice Krispies for school & parties...Short Sweet and YUM!!!
* This weeked will be rainy and wet, perfect cozy weather just the way I like it.
* As I type my mom is tying the knot for the 4th time....Good Times to come
* Lets see did I miss anything, nope I think that covers our week short and sweetly!!! Off to taste those treats...Happy Valentines Day

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