Monday, January 26, 2009

Benjamin Button...

I loved seeing the Curious Case of Benjamin Button for so many reasons. First I was on a much needed date with my hubby. It felt like forever since we had the chance to get out into the world by ourselves and do something so normal as dinner & a movie. I loved walking hand in hand, I loved cuddling in the movie, I loved looking at his smile across the table. I love simply reconnecting with him. The movie made me think about my life. It made me wonder about my death. I left the movie appreciating what I have more, missing those I have lost more and wanting to make something of my life and my families lives more. It left me wanting to grow old with the man by my side more. Living, loving and being present, I want more of that. I sometimes take for granite the lovely life I have (as I think most people do). I sat in the silence rocking my daughter enjoying the sounds our home makes in the quiet of the night. The dryer running, the dog breathing while she slept, the sound of Missy sucking her thumb on my lap. Taking in the sounds around me for that too changes from day to day. Everything always comes down to change....nothing will ever be as it was yesterday and I want to remember it and appreciate it today.

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