Sunday, February 1, 2009

10 things by each

10 random things about each of us....from me ;o)

1. I can't seem to stop drinking the Pepsi...I have tried the past 2 weeks to give it a break but keep going back.
2. I haven't been able to get out of bed at 6:10 when the alarm clock goes off.
3. I'm excited about t-ball not so my kids can play, learn the game and have fun...but I'm excited to see Missy in the uniform.
4. I'm very jealous that it seems like others around me are doing what it is they want to...and I'm wondering why do I lack the motivation and self-confidence to act upon what it is I want.
5. I love that Missy is singing every song in the car, every commercial on tv.
6. I'm now addicted to Facebook thanks to my hubby
7. I have a stash of stuff to sell on ebay
8. I don't want to go to Tahoe next weekend but should be excited to...
9. I started to sneak candy & cookies and I'm piggy out on them...which I have NEVER done before.
10. I want my office is my crap every place but I have no motivation to take care of it....UGH

1. Has a new Job...I think he likes it...or at least likes the new adventure.
2. He adjust to change better than me.
3. Took his coffee pot to work and left me with an empty counter....
4. Has a great mom but crazy sisters...
5. Looks great with a fresh did he ever wear it longer.
6. Is in LA for 2 weeks...well 12 days
7. He looses weight much faster than me and it isn't fair.
8. Has a great smile and eyes....
9. Fixed my infected ear at 1 in the morning last night.
10. Will be home on Friday the 13th...

Sweet Pea
1. Sing every place we go, in the car, watching tv, you name it...if she knows the song she sings it.
2. I love how she says "who body" for who is that...
3. I hate that she only eats, cereal, chicken nuggets, milk, cheese, apples, dried cherries....
4. I love that she isn't ready to sleep all night in her bed, but she gets through most of it....and arrives with us around 3am.
5. I love that she is a crafty queen...coloring, painting, glueing, stamping...
6. She loves tea partys with all her toys & mommy
7. She can get her self on the computer and to her side no problem.
8. She wants her own iPod
9. She does Pilates with me and thinks we are dancing.
10. She still sucks her thumb and rolls my ring.

Little Buddy
1. Loves math
2. Loves school
3. Told my mom that he "likes daddy's mom better, because she has the wii"
4. Tries to sneak sips of my Pepsi all the time...then yells at me and says I'm not allowed to drink pepsi this year.
5. Loves the computer...and can get around it pretty well himself.
6. Keeps asking when I'm going to have another baby...sorry Buddy not gonna happen.
7. Loves Ben10 & Bakugan Crawlers.
8. Keeps sneaking peeks at his birthday icoaster.
9. Loves to buy lunch.
10. Still has a crush on Macie but won't admit it...

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