Sunday, December 7, 2008

December sixth

The sixth was a fun day with new holiday traditions creeping in...

* We headed into Concord early to watch Santa Sky Dive into the Airport but due to fog he arrived in a fire engine. Not that thrilling to the kids. They enjoyed checking out the police car while we waited for Santa more.
* Then we hit the mall running expecting a huge crowed but it was very do able. Not crowded but not good sales we left near empty handed.
* At home we gobbled down lunch and then headed out again.
* The past 2 years we have watched our local holiday parade, today the kids had the opportunity to "walk, march, dance" (which ever you think they did) in it. I guess a new tradition is to at least attend it or be in it. The kids had a great time and a bunch of our friends ended up being in it too.
* We snuggled up to the fire and watched the 2nd Harry Potter. Tomorrow we will watch the 3rd.

I love holiday traditions!!!

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