Monday, December 8, 2008

December seventh

Yesterday had a bit of yucky in it ;o) Hubby and I are sick...go figure we both get the yuck at the same time!! The kids are doing fine and they were troopers to deal with mom & dad.

* Lets see yesterday we slept in and relaxed.
* Then hubby went to help my little bro with his computer.
* I ran to the grocery store to pickup the candy fixen's for our tiny christmas houses.
* Sweet Pea & I went to my mom's to make an assortment of Christmas Cards and eat yummy pie.
* Then Hubby worked on our slider a bit...almost done ;o)
* Number 3 Harry Potter was on the list after dinner.
* Today we have school and a ton of errands to get done while the wee ones are in school.....

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