Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello Dear August

WOW August has crept up on me pretty quick. Soon we will be deep in school work, running around for team games, and homework. I can't wait!!! I love the crisp new feeling of school. I love helping in the classroom. I love watching my kids soak up every little thing they can. I love the desire to learn that they have. I never found that in elementary school or even highschool, college finally gave me that desire.

At the same time I am sad this also means that summer is near and end. We have 25 days left to enjoy it. Hit the beach a few times, play in the park for hours, run through the sprinklers, take swimming lessons and eat popsicles on the porch. Summer means so many things. One of which is spending as much quality time together as possible. Creating memories that are meaningful for them and us. I love being a parent!!!!

Next week we are off to our BIG Family Reunion...can't wait. It will be near Clear Lake this year. So fun!!! The cousins together for a whole week. Kids getting dirty, eating what ever makes you feel good with no worries, and telling great family stories from forever-ago till now. This is our last big adventure for the summer then we have 2 weeks of making sure we do all the little things. WOW 3 weeks left of summer. Here we come!!!!

OH & I guess I should mention that I hit 35 on the 7th. I should be upset or something I think. But I'm not!!! I'm happy where I am and happy to be growing old with the man I love and great kids next to me. While that may sound corny it is sooo true.

& if August is here then Fall & Winter are coming favorite favorite seasons. Yippy!!!!

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