Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fast Moving Summer....

We sure are enjoying this summer ;o) LOVE IT!!!

We just bought a membership to East Bay Regional Park...I'm so excited!!! It gives me an insentive to take the kiddos on a regular basis. We did another trip up to Chico..I think it was our best trip yet. We got out and about so much. We had planned to chat with my dad, he came down from OR...but the conversation was sadly few and far between. SO we set out on our own adventures with my aunt, uncle, & cousins.

* 1st we hit the creek...clothes and all
* Then we played on the lawn with HUGE chucks of ice
* Then the following day we saw Space Chimps (a big waste of time)
* After the movie we ran through the city fountain...again clothes and all
* We ate dinner at the beloved Chuck E Cheese
* Then we headed to Chester & Lake Almanor the following day so hubby could play in a golf tournament and we could play in the lake.
* We headed home on Sunday and were left with great photos & great memories!!! I can't wait to head back up!!!

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