Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one long day today....

WOW it is amazing what you can accomplish in a single day

* Got to school on time & worked in the class for 45 min.
* Ran to the grocery store
* Ran to Victoria Secrets
* Ran home, unloaded groceries, read e-mail, fed sweet pea lunch,
* Ran her to pre-school
* Ran to Costco to pick-up photos
* Ran to school and picked-up my boy
* Ran home, fed us lunch, read a new book for a sec., did a bit of homework, watched scooby doo
* Ran again to pick up sweet pea from pre-school.
* Ran back home, did more homework, fed them snacks, made card for daddy's birthday, made dinner
* Ran to T-Ball practice....a very lame practice if that
* Ran to pump-it-up...and jumped our hearts out
* Surprised a very special friend with a gift for her & a gift for her son (his birthday is tomorrow)
* Ran home, showered everyone, and I'm just getting us ALL off to bed.

WOW amazing....I wouldn't have changed a thing...I loved today!!! Because this is what my life is right now...and I'm enjoying what it is. Did I fold any laundry? Nope. Did I do any dishes? Nope. Did I vacuum or dust? Nope. I enjoyed my day!!! I love the sound of the kids watching T.V. and eating...I even love the noise of them arguing (sometimes) you wanna know why, because when my house is empty I will miss this noise. SO I want to enjoy it and relish in what my life currently is. I'm a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, the list goes on and I wouldn't change any of it....none of it!!!! Tomorrow is looking like a quiet day at home...maybe we can spice it up a bit. Another day in my little place called home.

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