Sunday, April 27, 2008

A great day!!!

Today was awesome....

I was worried that this week would be hard, hubby is gone on business. I wasn't feeling well and not looking forward to it. Yesterday we went to friends for a BBQ and that started the weekend off right. Today we stopped at a local strawberry patch. We picked the best most sweetest strawberries we have ever picked...2 FULL baskets for seven dollars. We made a stop on the way home to Trader Joes and grabbed pizza for dinner...yummy!!! After making our lunch we hit the road in search of Tilden Park, one of the best park around. We rode the train not once, not twice but three times, Little Buddy was in heaven!!! Then when we got home we washed both the car & the dog. A lovely full day!!! I lived in the moment and enjoyed every part of it!!!

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