Thursday, March 6, 2008

Got Gold??

We had a great family quicky vacation this past weekend. We hit gold country, the snow, and visited with Family. It was quick and oh so perfect!!!

* 1st we hit Sutter's Fort in Sac for a bit of a history lesson.
* Then to visit cousins & dinner at Chili's
* We hit the snow early Sat. am Yuba Gap a great place to play
* Bowling and dinner followed a quick afternoon nap.
* Sunday morning after breakfast we went to Marshall's Gold Discovery Museum where we panned for gold....real gold!!

The whole time we had little bear with us. Bubble boy got the privilege of being Kindergarden Kutie this week. His teacher, Mrs B chooses one child a week to be a "kutie" for the week. It includes bring home a special bear, filling an estimation jar, writing a paper about himself, being at the front of the line, getting to run the attendance to the office, and a bunch of other exciting kindergarden things. He was so excited and happy to have his turn it was fun.

Check out my flickr for photos!

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