Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flowers = Tantrum

Lucky Charms are on sale at Lucky's so we stopped by on our way to playgroup this morning. We walked through the flower department and the world crashed for little miss. Sweet Pea wanted to buy flowers for all her playgroup friends. Now I thought that was sweet but no necessary. She didn't think so.... she HAD to have flowers for her friends. She proceeded to have the worst public tantrum she has ever had. A three year olds mind is a wierd thing. I caved in....not use to the whole tantrum thing with her...and we bought flowers. She wanted roses I exsplained they had thorns and would hurt her friends so we settled on colored daisys. What an adventure in flowers.

Then on the way to play group she asked "Am I a good friend for thinking of my friends and flowers" I said of course you are, your friends will love the flowers. She then proceeded to tell me that her brother isn't a good friend, since he would never give his friends flowers. I said boys don't do that anyways and your brother is a great friend just like she is...The mind of a three year old!!! Simply amazing ;O)

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