Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well coming off a great weekend SICK!!! I went up to Chico for my cousin's baby shower!! Which was awesome. Good thing they don't know what they are having, they would have ended up with way too many clothes....they got just about everything they needed. It was also awesome to hang out with friends and family that we rarely, if ever see. It was terrible to venture home in the middle of a storm though, didn't make for a pleasant ride home.

Well the kids got sick this weekend. Bubble Boy had a cold and Sweet Pea got what we think was the flu. She had a huge fever but is totally fine right now. So they are both back to school and I'm working on rest so I can get better. No playgroup for us this week, oh well!!

In other news my little bro made it to Paris!! I'm so excited for him and still can't believe he went. Miah is a quiet, nerdy, know it all, computer geeky type. He will have a blast taking in everything!!! 3 months will go by fast. I wish I could have gone too ....one day!! OK Back to rest!!!

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