Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finally Feeling Great!!!!

Well we survived the weekend all well!!! No more colds here....just a welcome of sunny weather. It is amazing how a bit of good weather brings motivation to clean, clean, clean!!! Well and simply get out and about at the same time!! Hubby didn't get sick this whole time LUCKY him!!!

Let's see we had a quiet weekend that seemed busy. I woke up super grumpy on Sat. Frustrated that I had to go work at our annual preschool fair for ECMC. Which was a wonderful event, and very important. I found us a fabulous location and for FREE. But hubby needed to run into work at the last min. so I didn't go till super late. Then I also should have been hanging out with my friends, scrapbooking, celebrating my girlfriends 1st milestone in her weight-loss adventures. AND I should have taken the kids to a birthday party at 1:30. Gymnastics free who would wanna miss that. But instead I sat at home sulking....I had planned on the preschool fair.....couldn't scrapbook since I had the kids and forgot about the birthday party till 2. So the day was a wash and I was grumpy....not makings of a good day. All was saved when the kids crashed early and I finally got to scrapbooked that night, while hubby played on the computer.

This week is all about getting back to normal, laundry, cleaning, dusting, and of course more laundry. YIPPY to be healthy!!! Gotta love urgent care!!

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