Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Usually I don't like Valentines Day ....way to spend a million dollars on flowers only to have them die early because the whole world is doing the same thing!! Then you try to go to dinner and every body else is too, you pay double the price because you wanna be out on Valentines Day. UGH!!! Well sadly I'm a sucker this year...well wouldn't you be if your hubby was willing to get a baby sitter and hit the town!! I'm very excited to go to dinner it has been since before Christmas that we went out ALONE. The kids will be with sitter for 4 1/2 hours YIPPY!!! What ta do with all that time hummmmmm.....

I did enjoy today at the kiddos schools. We had a big party in the Kinder Class imagine 20 kids strung out on candy & cupcakes exchanging valentines at the same chaos, but oh so fun!!! I have never seen so much junk in one place!! I thought parents were to send healthy snacks....well we got milk with strawberry nesquik in it, pizza, cupcakes, candy, chips (3 kinds) cream cheese & jelly sandwiches, frosted sugar cookies all before NOON. WOW!! Sadly to my son & daughters dismay most of it ended up in the trash!!! I don't want the dental bills. They had a great time even if I spoiled the snacking part of it.
Wishing you all a Happy Valentines go hug your loved ones!!!

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