Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm working on my hundred...

I made a list of 100 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Some of it is just stuff I want to get done now and some just this year. I plan to revisit the list every so often then it can change and grow. If I figure out how to add a document to the sidebar I plan to post it. But for now it sits in my journal.

We had a great weekend relaxing and cleaning. Something about the new year makes me want to clean and purge everything...the kids rooms, my files, my scrapbooking junk, the garage, and our clothes. We came up with a bit of stuff to donate and "freecycle"...everyone should look up a freecycle group in their area...that old saying someones trash is an other's treasure.

I also got a hefty amount of scrapbooking done with the girls Saturday night. I did more single pages then I have ever done. Weird for me I like 12x12 double page layouts better. It was great to sit, chat & scrap. When we get the new computer I plan to post my layouts too.

My photo a day is running smoothly so far...Hubby is even getting into it...he took this cute shot of Sweet Pea in the closet yesterday while I was at work. Then Sat night we took some great ones of the fireplace. I love my fireplace. I love the thought of sitting cozy on the couch with a great movie, popcorn, and my family. We watched Star Wars on Friday night up on the wall with the projector. Very Fun Very good family movie night

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