Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Family Visit

We spent the last 2 days in Chico visiting with cousins, aunt & uncle, and my grandma (the kids great grandma.) It was a GREAT visit, I love to hangout with them!! We headed up to Mt. Lasson to play in the snow. Bubble Boy dug a HUGE hole for him and Sweet Pea to play in. They rode all over the place on snowmobiles, and tossed a few snowballs here and there. When we got back we crashed with movies and pizza. In the morning my aunt & uncle enjoyed my kids!! I LOVE to watch them interact with my kids...they made pancakes, walked the dog and headed out on a little adventure to the "creek", tossing rocks and getting dirty. The signs of a great day. Afterlunch we poured over a TON of old family photos and learned some interesting family stories.I love just being with family. Just spending time playing games, talking and sharing. I'm so lucky I just wish they lived closer!!

Here is to a day of GO!! I need to clean-up from the snow, and our little trip. Then get ready for school to start Monday!!! So sad that vacation flew by so fast. But first I think I'll pile up the pillows and blankets in front of the window, so we can watch mothernature at her best. A big storm just came in and I love to sit cozy with the kids and the rain. Just enjoying!!!

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