Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some Sleeping Asistance please...

Bubble boy was up last night...not as bad as some but-non-the-less up. They both took naps in the car on the way to pick-up dad, which meant they could not get to bed. Some of that is our fault I'm sure! Since BB was 2 Daddy has read Thomas the Tank to him nightly...falling asleep to the low humm of daddy's voice. And Sweet Pea, well if she naps even for 5 min. she is up till 10, no kidding!! Crazy bedtime habits are hard to break. Sometimes Bubble Boy has a few night mares/night terrors too...ya know sitting and simply screaming "NO" at the top of his lungs. Often times simply going potty solves the problem. Most times we need to just sit and wait it out. I feel so bad for him since there is pretty much nothing anyone can do to help him out. When he has an over stimulated evening they are worse. Just another bit of our lives making us who we are.

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