Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gingerbread, Yogurt & Cupcake Adventures....

It turned out to be a bit of a rough week...busy that is!! and it is only thursday!! My "GO" faded after tuesday ;o(

Lets see Monday we ran around doing errands and such...a pretty productive day just more than I wanted. Then Tuesday I played the "can't say NO line." I went over to another mom's house and we made 22 Gingerbread Houses for the kids this friday. Talk about crazy. I made 18 of them..I should clarify they were made from graham crackers and frosting, but still 18 of them good god!!
Then Mrs. B also asked if I would bring "GO GO Yogurt" for snack on Wed since it was G week. She had spoken to the yogurt shop prior and made arrangements to get the yogurt donated. Of course that didn't happen, they gave me a discount but sure wasn't a big one...if hubby knew how much he would sooo not be happy. (I will add that once I told a few people they chipped in so I really ended up spending only 20 bucks.)
And to think that wasn't a busy Tuesday I wanted to make cupcakes for Diane's birthday on Wed. Well they turned out really bad (a 1st for me), I couldn't get them out of the pan. Partially since I was lazy and didn't want to drive 30 min. to Michael's for cupcake liners; I greased and flowered the daylights out of the pan hoping it would work but it didn't. Lesson Learned!!

Wed came and I was ready for it, super organized and it went very smoothly I was just pooped by days end.
* I dropped little buddy at school,
* ran to the grocery store for replacement cupcakes,
* ran to playgroup 30 min away,
* ran to target and go the new zyrtec kids chewables (the last 2 boxes too),
* ran and picked up little buddy from school,
* called in lunch, picked up lunch,
* then finally spent 4 hours relaxing at Diane's house....
* came home did the kids baths/homework/dinner
* got sick to my stomach
* scrapbooked & watched Transformers waiting for hubby to get home from work
* craweled into bed at 11:45

Makes me tired just writting about it...Today was very calm and relaxing, I flaked on Playgroup and have scrapbooked and hung with the kids...we are off to Elephant Bar for dinner then bed. I'm hoping for a good weekend!!!

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