Monday, January 28, 2008

Fab Weekend!!!

This was a great weekend!!

Sat. we took the kids to Lowes so the could build their own tool boxes in a "build and grow" class that is FREE!! They kids loved it & we loved doing it..some fun family time!!!

Then Hubby went to dinner with some friends and had a memorable evening!!! He needs to get out more!! I'm happy he could spread his wings a bit with some healthy male bonding ;o)

Then I had my turn to enjoy some girl was Diane's birthday more could we ask for!!! we laughed soooo hard it was crazy! I love to hang out with my girls and just talk/laugh mostly.

Here is to a great week ahead of us... Bubble Boy's word of the week is "GO" so very fitting. I'm gonna have a happy GO kinda week....some scrapbooking and a baby shower to look forward to!!!

edit- I totally forgot one of the other most important things we did this weekend was to sign BB up for T-Ball...good-bye Saturdays hello little slugger.

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