Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am so thankful for...

1st and formost my family!!
I'm blessed and thankful for our amazing children ...I love them with more than I ever though possible...I love watching them grow into who they want to be.
I'm thankful for my amazing husband who loves me and our kids for everything we are...who is willing to put up with all my little little messes...who would do anything for our perfect family!!
I'm thankful for my exstended family those that I'm given & those I have chosen. Those people that have helped me to be who I am...the friends that are simply the best of friends...The family that knows when all you need is a hug and an ear to listen too.
I'm thankful that I have bills to pay, grocery's to buy, presents to give, creative outlets, for my camera, a woodburning fireplace, a cozy bed to sleep in, cute clothes to wear for me and my kids, books to read, phonecalls to make, the internet to gather knoledge, great relationships with important people (i.e. the kids doctors, and teachers.) I'm simply happy that I have the opportunity to live this life and I hope that I can live it to my fullest not just for me but my kids & hubby too. Happy thanksgiving!!!

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