Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday 5

1. I think I'm on my way to joining the gym. A friend gave me a 30 day pass, to "activate it" you have to join the gym for $10.00 then at the end of 30 days I can cancel in writing if I want. I went 3 days this week, 2 with friends & 1 by myself. I took pilates classes and LOVED them. I'm looking forward to more classes and new beginnings.

2. My son had a rough week back to school. He had 3 yucky days. I really wish his teacher wasn't so hard on him. The first time he yelled out an answer (the correct one I might add) during math... which got him detention!! The 2nd day he was helping put the lunch box back after the bell.... and today he couldn't be quiet in music.... he lost his playdate and special snack afterschool. My fingers are crossed for a good next week.

3. My poor hubby has had to work soooo much lately!!! I'm missing him!!!!

4. I want to commit to some "assignments" this year.
the first is 52 new
the 2nd is taking a photo once a month of my family of 4
Working out at least 4 days a week
Planning my meals each sunday & maybe making sunday soup day

5. I need to get going on our camping for this year... hummm so many places to go and so little time.
Maybe the redwoods

TGIF let the weekend begin!!!!!

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