Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How could I miss my Ten on Tuesday once again...

I blogged about Michael and forgot to blog my 10... I'm just a tiny bit stressed about the next 3 days.

1* Today I'm hosting an open-playdate for Sprouts "great tuck-in" I hope we get some good donations for this great little program. We have Nancy reading a few stories and then I set up to VERY simple crafts, decorating a pair of PJ's and making a friendship bracelet/necklace out of noodles.

2* I need to grocery shop today... for camping next week. Crazy!!!

3* I need to make.... Rice Krispie treats, a cake, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and home made granola bars before Sat at 2pm.

4* I need to order Missy's cake ... I'm sad that they don't have a "cute" littlest pet shop cake any place... It would be much easier on my part to simply order a cake.

5* We are off to a new museum tomorrow and I really am hoping it is worth the drive all the way to Lodi....

6* I can't wait to spend the day in the city with my family. Every year on our Anniversary we take the kiddos on a picnic to where we got married. Well this year with camping etc. it didn't happen like we wanted it ... which made me really sad. SO we ARE going this Friday!!!! I'm only sad that it might get cut shorter than I wanted so I can go to a birthday party too....

7* We need to pack ALL of our camping stuff by Sat afternoon.... so we can head out EARLY on Sunday. I packed the kids, and I packed most of the extra goodies. The trailer is 90% set just need to do a once over and throw the food in the trailer.

8* I need to go and get a birthday present for my nephew before I forget.

9* OH and I need to clean the house for our house sitter... In the middle of all this craziness. The thing I hate doing the most cleaning and laundry... those are the things that never end.

10* We are off to the park, then to do a quick Geocache, then grocery shop then the baking begins......

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