Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Ten

1. I have become little Suzy homemaker just a tiny bit. I made from scratch the best yummy chewy granola bars, Then on Sunday I made soft warm pretzels, and today I made a bit dense but still yummy a round of "no kneed dutch oven" bread. There is something so satisfying about having made something. I'm loving the experimenting and learning all about bread. I wonder what I will try next.

2. I hate the struggle at homework time. Trying to keep him focused is getting harder and harder. He knows the answers but doesn't have the patience to sit and do it. He gets distracted WAY to easily.

3. This weekend is a girls weekend.... it will be a nice little break. I'm sad tho, it is going to rain here on Sat. night. I would love to enjoy just one more cozy night next to the fire before summer hits.

4. I have my MRI next week and I'm a tad nervous.

5. We have watched way to much yo gabba gabba lately.

6. I need a nap, hubby's new schedules are messing me up.

7. My photos are all organized and up-to-date. I have scrapped pretty much everything I have purposefully printed.

8. I'm about half way through knitting Missy's sweater. A pepto bismal pink sweater.

9. Little Buddy has a diorama of the rainforest due in a few weeks... we really need to get busy on it. The box is painted now we need to fill it.

10. I love listening to the kids sing this.

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