Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A quiet 10 on Tuesday....

1. a nice quiet week planned.... kinda a catch-up and reconnecting

2. Did my blood test this morning... she filled 15 vials.... 15!!!!

3. The car is in the shop... some oil leak thing....

4. Took a cute little nap this afternoon with Missy on my chest... oh I miss those days.

5. Buddy got detention yesterday for talking. Actually 10kids of the 20 in his class got detention. They were outside waiting to go into class. His teacher wasn't happy they Music teacher did that.... I guess he was having a bad day.

6. Had yummy stir-fry for dinner from my fabulous hubby cook....

7. School photos came.... turned out pretty good.

8. I forgot to pick-up Buddy's pills today... oops.

9. Missy and I got pedicures this morning.... at home in the comfort of our own bathroom

10. It has been miserably hot lately.... I'm dreading the summer ;o( I want the rain... I want the snow... I want it cold and foggy!!!!

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