Friday, April 17, 2009

Del Vall Camping Trip

- We spent our Spring Break at Del Valle Reservoir

Day 1
- We started a bit later than I wanted but it was fine we were on vacation!!! We ran a TON of errands before heading out... Walmart, Trader Joe's, Famous Footwear, Raley's, Lowe's, and finally the gas station.
- Arriving at camp around 2ish.
- We detached and popped the trailer starting the process of setting up camp.... then realized we forgot to add water. SO hubby closed-up the trailer, and re-hitched it, then filled it with water and did the whole process all over again.
- We had dinner and went for a walk around camp. We were beat so we hit the hay after a game of chicken tracks with the kids.

Day 2
- Well we FROZE the first night all cozy on one side of the tent. The kids slept in footy pajamas so they weren't to cold.
- We hung out in bed till after 9 since it was sooo cold 31 degrees. After which time we made eggs and bacon....I burned the bacon (not the best camping cook sorry)
- We drove up to the nature center hoping to peek inside and hike around a bit after lunch but it was cold and windy, and the nature center wasn't open. So we headed back to camp. Buddy and Daddy saved a tent.... It was SUPER windy and our neighbors tent flew away... so they got it then filled it with rocks so it wouldn't fly away again.
- We had been running the heater since it was cold and thought if we ran it it wouldn't stink anymore. Well it ate up all our battery so now at 4 we lost all battery power. Hubby disconnects the battery, there went the water we had to go get, and no heater ;o(
- We decided to go for a walk and get warmed-up... Slowly overhead dark clouds rolled in. A few sprinkles fell just as we arrived back to camp. Right after we started our fire did it pour buckets & hail... and continued for a good two hours. I was VERY proud of my hubby for sticking it out. He was really nervous that the trailer wouldn't be water proof, or that it wouldn't dry out and get gross/moldy. We survived the rain & the hail!!!
- Can I just say that I loved the rain.... it made the trip perfect for me. I loved listening to the rain/hail fall, I loved the sound of it hitting the trailer, I loved cuddling with Missy since she didn't like the noise, I loved sitting by the fire while it poured.
- Once the rain went away we quickly roasted marshmallows and had snacks.
- After a yummy dinner of taco salad we played "Enchanted Forest"

Day 3
- I think we were a tad warmer for night number 2.... not sure!!
- We snacked in the trailer for a bit then headed up to the beach so we could warm-up in the car.
- So we ran back to camp, packed-up our fishing gear and ran to the reservoir to rent a boat.

- It was a chilly windy trip but the kids had a blast fishing. Missy used her pole for the first time. I loved watching the interaction between Daddy & the kids. Watching them enjoy the adventure for the first time. One of the best moments!!!
- When we got back to camp empty handed we changed the mood by playing ball. The kids are getting better at baseball, hitting & throwing. And just getting along.
- The kids rode their scooters, crafted, and relaxed around camp.
- We had a great BBQ Chicken dinner.
- We roasted marshmellows again and couldn't wait the have "smore"

Day 4
- That lastnight wasn't as cold but I slept terrible. New neighbors showed up around 9:30 and were loud.
- I was ready to go home since it was a rough night. Hubby made great pancakes... we packed-up and headed home.

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