Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lets try Ten on Thursday instead....

1. I registered Missy for Kindergarten Yesterday....went smoothly and she was really excited.

2. My Great Aunt Betty Passed away yesterday...which was really hard.

3. We went to both kids Ball practice....Missy is loving it...Buddy is having a bit of trouble from outside influences....

4. Buddy also got in trouble for throwing his lunch box on the roof at school....UGH!!! wait till I tell hubby!!!

5. I found the cutest little chipboard albums so the kids can make their own scrapbooks...

6. I haven't had Pepsi in a week tomorrow...and I'm doing good.

7. We had a great dinner at my girlfriends house Tuesday Night...the best chicken pot pie ever!!!

8. I listed my KOTM on ebay we shall see how it goes...the auctions aren't getting a much as they were. in the 120 range instead of 177. OH well if I make my money back that is good. I'm sick of Creating Keepsakes!!! I will miss my magazines if they fold but I will survive.

9. Hubby comes home tomorrow !!!!! I can't wait.

10. The kids have slept in our bed the entire time Hubby has been it will be a bit of adjustment on Friday night.

ok off to playgroup and hopefully a better day.

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