Friday, December 12, 2008

December ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth & thirteenth

So being sick with a nasty cold isn't much help for the ol' blog!!! UGH I fell off the horse really bad and it hurt this week.

Getting back to the ninth let me see....Oh yeah I spent the entire day in class 8:10 till 2:35!!! Making all the parents their Christmas Present. I hope they appreciate them it was a ton of work and time on my part!!! Between taking the photos and then making the projects with the kids....After school we came home did home work and simply vegged.

Tenth :
* Took both kiddos to school picked up the dogs prescriptions $50.00 later, came home and climbed in bed for a few hours.
* After I picked Missy up we came home ate a boring lunch then picked up her brother.
* When we got home we quickly did some home homework, relaxed and got ready for our annual Santa visit. More on that later...
* Then we headed to Daddy's Christmas Party. The kids had a great time and enjoyed the night.

* Missy and I called in sick for the whole day!!! It was nice to hang with her in the house in our PJ's ALL DAY
* We did crafts, finished all my computer crafts, calendars, recipe books, christmas cards. We did tons of laundry I hated that part.
* I cooked a great turkey dinner. I was craving it!!! It was super yummy and a great end to a relaxing day.

* My mom picked up Missy and then Buddy and I headed to school.
* After I finished in class I ran a few errands.
* Returned Yo Gabba Gabba....and found the perfect Wonder Pets Boat
* Ran to Costco picked up my order
* Ran to a cute little store downtown & picked up Missy from school
* We came home had lunch and hung out till we had to get Little Buddy.
* When we got home from picking him up we baked cookies....both Magic Blondies and Gingerbread Dough.
* Daddy had a bowling party to go to so the kids and I enjoyed a few Holiday Shows and headed to bed early.

*Today was busy but fun...I'm finally feeling a bit better
* I took little buddy to register for Peanut League and T-Ball at 10
* Then we came home and caught up on all our cute count downs to Christmas
* At Noon we headed to a little Christmas Party one of his friends was having. We decorated Sugar Cookies, made crafts and visited with Santa. It was so fun to be included in such a fun holiday party.
* We spent our afternoon baking and listening to Holiday Music.
* In the evening I had a nice night out with the girls...we hosted our annual cookie exchange. It was a bit sad that it would probably be our last one (at least with the club). I will have to figure out how to host one on my own next year.

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