Monday, May 12, 2008

mommy's day

came and went with out much hip hurray. Which was fine by me. The kids (with daddies help) made me a great breakfast the day before. Little buddy had a t-ball game, I got my hair cut, and sweet pea had a dance recital in the afternoon...all in all a great Saturday. Sunday I worked (let me tell ya that sucks) then we headed to dinner at hubby's mom's house. Which was fine but nothing exciting.

I enjoyed some memorable moments in the evening though.... I was "trying" to watch the end of survivor ( a guilty sin) and Sweet Pea was tired, and just wouldn't settle on my lap.

So I told her to get off "and if you are sooo tired then go to bed"

A few min. later she returns crying, "it is to dark & I'm scared of the dark"
which my reply was "then turn on the light!!!"
her reply "but I'm to small"
me - "Fine! I'll turn the light on" so I proceed up stairs, tuck her in. set her up with books and venture down stairs to resume a hopefully un-interrupted few min. of my show.

A few min. later, with both kids missing and silence in the house, we ventured up stairs, camera in hand only to discover her snuggled in her bed asleep. My little sweet pea put herself to sleep and I missed it all because of a stupid show!! I truly hate the TV and would love to have a TV free home.

Little Buddy was sitting, remote in hand watching TV in our room. He couldn't sleep so he came and snuggled on the couch with me.

I want to cherish the moments with my kids. I want them to have great memories from their childhoods. I want to enjoy the process of raising them. I want so much for my kids and I realize I need to start with myself 1st. I need to work on me so I can be better for them. I need to stress less, work less on stupid un-important things, and just play with them, snuggle more with them, talk more with them, walk more with them, just "BE" with them. Motherhood is a challenging journey , one I learn more about each day. One day I will be a pro at it....sadly this night I wasn't.

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