Monday, March 24, 2008

Are my feet spinning??

We have been up to lots lately and little time to post....

Bubble Boy has a great quote to share.....
Last night he was running in place before he blotted forward in a quick little sprint.....well while he was doing his running in place he asked daddy "could you see my feet spinning"....kinda like the roadrunner...gotta love 6 year olds....

Lets see... a quick peek a this past week
* my boy is 6
* we celebrated St. Patrick's day
* we celebrated Chuck-E-Cheese style
* we went to the park 3x
* we saw Horton Hears a Who
* I scrapbooked Friday night!!!!
* we had 3 great egg hunts
* we colored eggs 2x
* we saw ALL our cousins
* we had a bunny visit
* we are currently deep in spring cleaning
* and it is spring break YIPPY!!!!!

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