Friday, January 11, 2008

Running Around

Yesterday and Today were simply run around/catch-up days...Yesterday we had two dentist apt. Sweet Pea's was 1st thing in the morning, happy to say no cavities. Then Bubble Boy was in the afternoon, again no cavities. Yippee! Both kids perfect teeth that is a reason to sing and dance all by itself! We ran a bunch of errands, played at Mc Donalds, went to preschool, did ALL our homework in one day, and still had time to cuddle on the couch with a good book or two. Bubble Boy and I had a great time doing homework. He had two "science experiments" to complete. The 1st was to figure out what nutritional & bad food we had lurking in the cupboard. The other was a volcano, well vinegar & baking soda in a cup. He was in love with the mess we made and the reaction. When Daddy came home we did that one again with more goodies and more mess...gotta love boys!!

Today I screwed up, I thought Sweet Pea started Dance class, but it starts next week!! Big OOPS!! She was devastated!! She wants to dance sooo bad but only as long as I can stay and watch. Finding a studio that allows parents to view is next to impossible. I do understand why, but she won't dance otherwise. So we finally found a place but classes start next week not this week....oops. They let us play in the room for a bit, checking out the mirrors and twirl around for a bit. Then we got an ICEE and all was perfect againI'm off to scrapbook my heart out tonight till the wee hours can't wait!!!

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