Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Wonders..

Poor Sweet Pea has her 1st bladder infection...I think it started yesterday, well started to bother her yesterday. Then this morning it hurt really bad. So two trips later to the Dr. with a cup of PEE, we are home with antibiotics. She did great I must say at the Dr. She was actually kinda cute in the bathroom trying to go. We sang songs and tried to play games to get her mind off the task at hand. Didn't work so we ran home went PEE and went right back.

After words since Sweet Pea had a rough morning and Little Man was so good at the Dr. they got an ICEE to share. I think this is one of my favorite treats to get them. An ICEE isn't just a drink from Target. First I love to get my kids treats and would do it all the time, but then they wouldn't be treats. Two ICEEs are simply yummy to begin with, a great treat winter or summer. Finally I just love to watch them share it, then share the condition of their tongues in true kid fashion....

My last note today is an quote from Sweet Pea...She was singing this song and I couldn't figure out what song it was then in the store it came on....She was singing "those smart flowers" and the line in the song goes "these small hours." Gotta love it

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