Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is he really 5??

Some one pinch me or wake me up....He is 5 wow!!!Amazing having a 5 year old changes my perspective ever so slightly...I feel like I'm missing something...did I catch everything I think I needed to in the first 5 years??!! Where did the time truly go?? How did he "all-of-a-sudden" turn 5?? I think I'm gonna focus during the next few weeks on scrapbooking & journaling what happened in 5 years. The little things I don't want to forget or let him forget. A child's memory grows so fast so many things are easily forgotten. I would love to know little things about me when I was 5 ...I sure don't remember my everyday life. Little glimpses of my 1st part of school, a friends, or what did I get for Christmas? What did I have for breakfast, what was on T.V. that I liked?? Who did I play with...all just a blur to me. Maybe Bubble Boy will remember with a bit of help from me. 5 years way to fast....and I'm sure 5 more will go just the same.

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